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Jiashen Han

Jiashen Han was born in China in 1981. With a passion on color and shapes, she started to draw at her very early age. The best thing for her to do was to hide in a corner, observe people and draw them down onto paper. As a kid, she always got lost in her own fantasy world.


Later on she studied textile and fashion in the University. After Jiashen moved to Sweden in 2009, her life changed dramatically and she started to rethink her value in the society. As a new language is not the most effective way for her to communicate, she reactived her drawing habit to be able to express herself in a different way.

Since she works in fashion industry, it is naturally to combine fashion and women in her illustrations. Her favorite medium to use are oil and ink. She likes to explore different techniques to draw and paint. She often changes her drawing style, because it is boring to only draw in one style.


This doodle style series is a result for exploring lines. For her, the most fun part of a creation process is that she can never know what will come out in the end. That is the magic power of creation. Her illustrations mainly figure in women and her work is sold worldwide.

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